Spicy hot chocolate, so thick and creamy we have to give you a spoon. Chocolate combined with spices the perfect way to start the day. Our house recipe was inspired by the original methods of preparing the specialty beverage.

We also offer our house hot chocolate in milk chocolate, and coming soon a specialty flavor of the week. Our rich and creamy milk hot chocolate was inspired through Amy�s travels in Spain, where this incredible beverage is enjoyed for breakfast or late at night.

So fresh, delicately melt in your mouth, bursting intense flavors, a delicacy to truly savor�our handcrafted truffles are a perfect luxury anytime of the day�or make an elegant gift for any occasion.

Deviled eggs (white chocolate, of course), lazy sleeping puppies, beautiful tri-color butterflies, and whimsical chocolate Popsicle�s. These are just a few of the molds made for Mon Aimee Chocolat. If you have the occasion or the theme, we will offer you chocolates to perfectly match the occasion. Special requests are always welcome.  


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