Barks are delicious combination of chocolate and nuts, and many times embrace fruit. Break a chunk off, or enjoy the whole piece completely. Available in your favorite strength of chocolate.

Panning is the process in which shaped centers are built up by applying successive layers of coating material in a revolving pan. Panning in essence covers the center, and at times adds shine in the creation of a confection.

A slow roasted coffee bean completely covered in dark chocolate�it�s the perfect pick-me up any needed time of the day! Chocolate covered coffee beans are also available in a variety of flavors.

Lemon and Maltballs, who would have thought? It�s our house favorite! Maltballs are offered in about 10-12 flavors on a daily basis. Dried Bing Cherries completely embraced by creamy milk chocolate, or dried blueberries, or dried strawberries with dark chocolate�opening the jar the flavor screams at you! Chocolate covered peanuts are good but how about a Dark chocolate covered Pistachio�WoW! That crazy sweet and salty combination is spectacular.

Most of the panned confections that we offer at Mon Aimee Chocolat are manufactured by Koppers Chocolate, the largest chocolate manufacturer in the Village in New York City. Koppers Chocolate created the Chocolate covered Coffee Bean and the Chocolate covered Gummi Bear, as well as producing a multitude of delectable chocolates.


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