Chocolate, cream, nuts, and fruit´┐Żthese incredible pure ingredients are combined in the traditional manor by artisanal chocolatiers to create exquisite confections.
Artisanal or Boutique style chocolatiers do not use preservatives, artificial colors, or additives thus producing the purest most delectable chocolates.
Artisanal confections are handcrafted in the Old World way.

An exceptional chocolate bar, sometimes referred to as a Tablet, combines select estate grown cocoa beans to create a perfect chocolate eating experience. Decorated incredible chocolate tablets with fruit, nuts, and candied violets, and an exquisite Mendiant bar has been formed. At Mon Aimee Chocolat we offer a medley of handcrafted tablets from a variety of renowned artisanal chocolatiers.

Savory Chocolates
Some artisanal chocolatiers combine fine savory spices with the exotic flavor of chocolate to create an incredible chocolate experience. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors originates from the creation of consuming chocolate as a beverage (as chocolate was first consumed).

Along with Koppers Chocolates, we have helped to inspire their newest product line, Les Amis Savories, as well as be the first retail shop to introduce their new line of Savory Chocolates. Initial flavors include Chocolate Morsels with Whole Sage, Chocolate Morsels with Cayenne Pepper, Chocolate Morsels with Rosemary, Chocolate Morsels with Tarragon, and Chocolate Morsels with Curry.

At Mon Aimee Chocolat we will continue to broaden our superior selection of artisan chocolates domestically and internationally.


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